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"These scrubs are AMAZING! It's so hard to find scrubs that aren't too scratchy and abrasive. These are almost soft and fluffy yet exfoliate wonderfully! And they don't leave you feeling all oily like some other sugar/salt scrubs. I used the {GRAPEFRUIT + MINT} this morning and my skin feels soft and smooth and moisturized! I didn't even need lotion or body butter. Can't wait to try the others" - Kelly G.

"I'm completely obsessed with this line of body care. These ALL Natural scrubs are AMAZING. I ran out the other day and had to take a "normal" shower with "normal" body wash....eeeeek. Its unreal how amazing my skin feels and smells. Not only did this product clean up acne problem I was having but it also cleared up all of my eczema. I'm in love and I know you will be too!" - Maren S.

"I used the {LEMON + COCONUT} this morning. Honestly, it's amazing! I didn't even have to apply body lotion after I showered and my skin is so soft. I used it on my feet and they look like I had a pedicure! I'm obsessed! - Gina M.

"I just wanted to stop by your page and say Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an amazing product! After seeing a post about your products being features in Cosmo I was intrigued and bought some of the sampler packages (because I couldn't decide on just one to try). They arrived quickly and I was so excited to open them up and get to sniffing! They all smelled amazing, too. I tried the {Green Tea + Coconut} first. I was nervous about using it on my face because my skin is so sensitive but figured the ingredients were all natural and chemical free so I went ahead and used it on my face and my entire body. Oh. My. Gosh! The stuff was incredible! My skin looked clean and fresh and glowing. It was so unbelievably soft and silky. The water here in Arizona is highly treated so my skin is always super dry but after one use I had no need for lotion. My skin was moisturized but not at all greasy or sticky. My face always has breakouts and dry itchy spots from hives (from the heat here) and by the next morning it was already looking amazing. Hives tend to linger around , itching, drying out, flaking, itching, drying and flaking again then leave dark spots. Revival is a miracle worker for them! They are almost completely gone already, and remember that was with only ONE use. I am just in awe. Thank you for making such an amazing product! I am definitely going to be hooked for life! I thank you, my skin thanks you and my wallet thanks you because now I can stop buying 100 different products to try to clear and moisturize my skin. I just used my second tin today, {Lemon + Coconut} and I expect to experience the same amazing results. I just cannot say enough good things about Revival. Congratulations on your Cosmopolitan acknowledgement and I know this is the start of amazing things to come for you and Revival!" - Samantha P.

"Treat yourself!! Revival scrubs are amazing!!! As most of you know Ari has SUPA dry skin and is itchy....started using these scrubs on her and her skin is amazing. WAY less itchy and way more moisturized!! Just as safe for a 3 year old as it is for an adult!! And the lady behind the product is awesome as well! Do yourself a favor, support local and reward your skin!! I am obsessed with these scrubs! I have them all!!" - Louise B.

"Finally used my {GRAPEFRUIT + MINT} body scrub. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…it's amazing!- Lori M.

"I used mine last night. {GRAPEFRUIT + MINT} My skin feels great! I used it on my hands for my cuticles too. Looks like I got a manicure! Thanks!!! Can't wait to try the {COFFEE + ROSEHIP}" -Nicole T. 

"I've been using the {COFFEE + ROSEHIP} for the past 2 weeks. The bumps on the back of my arms (Keratosis Pilaris) are GONE!!! - Makenzie D.

"I absolutely love it! {GRAPEFRUIT + MINT} My skin is so soft and my face is glowing! Wow, I need more! - Maria P. 

"I have been using these body & face scrubs all week {SAMPLER SET} and we are in love with our smooth, glowing skin! Perfect for exfoliating before your spray tan and after waxing to keep your skin soft and ingrown free! - Danielle/Owner Bloom & Clover Wax Studio 

"{COFFEE + ROSEHIP} is amazing! Forehead to tip of my toes! I think I'm addicted!!! Looking forward to trying all of the other scrubs. My face looks so clean and clear." - Rory T.

"Thank you for this great product! It's been working great for my son's eczema (3 years old), helping to clear it up an allowing us to lessen the amount of prescription medicine we had to use. I love this stuff…and so does my dog. He licks the tub after I take a shower, every time! I've been using the {GRAPEFRUIT + MINT} but just ordered the {COFFEE + ROSEHIP} and can't wait to try it!   ***FOLLOW-UP*** Ok, coffee one is even better! His bad patch on his hand is so much improved from using it last night. I'm impressed! Thanks again for a great product!!! - Anna B.

"I have started to use the Revival Scrubs. Anyone who knows my well knows I don't bother much with beauty products and I don't like scrubs at all!!! I am hooked now. My skin is so soft now after only 2 applications, plus it's all natural. I don't every endorse anything, but I feel like I could do a commercial for this product! Treat your self to some pampering!!!" - Carol P.

"I love Revival! Seriously after one use (last night) I can already tell my face is clearer and my pores are minimized. I was afraid because I have naturally oily skin, and I've used coconut oils on my face (and eyebrows to help them grow out) and I wake up every morning with the oily skin. But surprisingly even after you pat your face with a towel after rinsing it doesn't feel greasy."-Sondra A.